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To remove the front of the car you first need to remove the front grille: removing the front grille.

Remove the aerial by twisting it anticlockwise.

Remove the black triangles that sit next to the wing mirror by opening the door to reveal the fixing. Sadly the fixing is cheap and the base may spin with the retaining screw when you try to undo it with a TX30 bit. If you use a small flat-blade screwdriver to hold this base and gently lever the plastic screw out whilst turning, it will come free. Pull out the base as well and the triangle will come free.

Remove the two screws that hold the panel to the front of the car with a TX25 bit. The mk7s have 2 screws (one either side). Earlier mks may have more.

Remove all TX25 screws that secure the front panels by the door hinges (4 each side).

Remove the 2 TX25 screws (one each side) that were revealed when the triangles were removed.

Pull the panel out from the bottom so it un-clips from the body of the car.

Reach behind the panel and disconnect the side indicator bulb from its fitting by twisting it.

Reach down to the bottom of the panel under the splitter. This is clipped on to the undertray and can be released by pulling the splitter down and forward. Be careful not to snag your fingers on the clips when the front becomes free. If you have a Brabus front splitter you will notice that the splitter secures both sides of the undertray.

With two people, grip the front section as shown. Pull the sides clear from the car so that the tridion does not get scuffed as the front comes free. Now gently move the whole front down and away from the car.

Note: If you have fog lights, these will need to be disconnected before the front can be fully removed.

In order to do this, reach down behind the panel and squeeze the metal loops on either side of the connector. The fogs will become disconnected.

Remove the front free of the car and place on something soft. Do not place on hard ground as the base of the arches will become scuffed. If it is windy, you may choose to rest it face down.

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