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The Brabus Widestar arches at the basic rate of around £320 + Vat come unprepared and unsprayed, we recommend you get your centre panel connecting the two together sprayed at the same time as a match is near on impossible making the arches look very aftermarket.

Fitting the the arches is fairly easy yet very time consuming.

Remove your old rear end as to this guide fortwo rear panel removal.

Snap out the white plastic lugs that retain the standard arches. (two on each side)

Offer up the new arches onto the car, it's best to use two people as the arches are very heavy and put quite a lot of strain on the centre panel if you attempt to fit alone.

Tip: We ran a line of trim tape on the inside of the arch where it touches the lower skirt to fill the gap

Using the bolts provided screw the front of the wing into the old retaining hole:

There are two pre-drilled screw holes on each side of the new arches. Using the self tapping screws provided with the kit screw through these holes into the lower plastic skirt.

Flex the wheel arch lining down to reveal the other two fixings, in the kit that you get with arches there are four huge trim clips, you push the clip through the arch and into the body work. (where you removed the old white plastic clips)

When you are happy they do their job in pulling the arch tight into the body insert the centre pin into the clip to secure it.

The last step of fitting is just a case of securing the rear with the original fixings circled below:

As you can see the kit adds some serious bulk to the car.

Finally something that gives the fortwo some road presence.

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