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The YAW sensor is part of smart's Trust+ safety system. It detects if the car is cornering too hard, cutting the power to the rear wheels half way through a bend to reduce the risk of the car ending up in the nearest bush.

This guide is only applicable to the older G1 smarts (599cc) with the later Trust+ safety system.

Please remember that these safety nets were put in for a reason: disable them at your own risk.

The car needs to be safely jacked up on both sides at the front, ensuring axle stands are used as you will need to be under the car to perform this mod.

The front undertray needs to be dropped from the front edge by un-clipping it from the front splitter.

Remove the six 8mm retaining bolts (three each side, shown below).

Pull the front of the undertray down to give you access. This is hinged from the rear.

Locate the YAW sensor, circled below.

Remove one securing bolt from the sensor and loosen the other slightly.

Rotate the sensor 90° and tighten the remaining screw to hold the sensor in place.

Turning the sensor through 90 degrees effectively makes the sensor emit false extreme readings which the car's ECU does not listen to, thus giving you control of how quickly you wish to take the corner.

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