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Standard 509T LEDs are slightly shorter than their filament equivalents. As a result, they do not strike the light guides behind the dial face at the correct angle resulting in slightly dim effects. If they are too dim, you may choose to create your own.

Start by pulling off the pod surround.

Using a thin screwdriver, lever off the fascia. In reality, this may pull off with the surround.

Try pulling the needles off with your fingers. If this dosn't work, use the screwdriver but be careful not to scuff the dial face.

You can now remove the dial face.

The PCB sits at the back of the pod. Pull this forward to reveal the back of the 509T lamp. If dissasmbling the clock, be careful not to loose the back buttons.

Replace the LED with your chosen solution and reassemble. For the clock, place the hour hand at 12 o'clock followed by the minute hand. This will ensure correct separation as the clock operates.

For the rev counter, start the car after ensuring that it is safe to do so. Then switch off. The rev counter motor will be reset to the zero position. Carefully put the needle back on without rotating the spindle ensuring that it points directly to zero. This may be tricky at first and may require several attempts.

Finally, reattach the fascias and surrounds. Test your new look by turning on the side lights.

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