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I first clapped eyes on a Smart in 1999. It was in a garage and all the panels were different colours. I have admit, I wasn’t too impressed at that stage!
However, over the next 18 months or so, I saw a few out and about on the roads and it was a gorgeous pink(!) one that flew past me one day on a dual carriageway, that finally made up my mind that I MUST have one! NOW!
I convinced my (now ex) boyfriend that he needed my current car, which was a boring Renault Clio (never liked it anyway!) in order that he take over the finance that was outstanding on it! This freed me up to take out a loan to buy my much wanted Smart! Crafty eh?
For some reason, though my last 3 cars had been brand new, I decided on a second hand Smart. I’m not sure why, I think it may have been the fact that I was unsure how I would ‘take’ to it and I didn’t want to lose a bundle of money on it should I want to trade it in………how wrong could I have been?
So, having found the Smart I wanted, purely on looks you understand-I didn’t really find out much about them beforehand-in September 2002 I purchased a 2001 imported Stream Green Pulse!

The previous owner had had a few upgrades done on it, namely, air con, soft touch, electric mirrors, side airbags and sound upgrade. But me being me, it was the colour that first attracted me to it!
The rear end was all black panels, but Surrey Smart swapped it from another smart to complete it to Stream green at my request. The interior was blue and again SS kindly agreed to swap it for another interior…a matching green one from another car in their showroom!
I was one happy bunny!
And so 7 years on, I still have my wonderful little Smart… fact it’s the longest I have kept any one car for!
Long may it continue…