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These have been advertised on some sites as being a direct fit for a roadster, but please be aware that this just isn't the case. Please read on before buying...

It is possible to get anything to fit if you try hard enough but this particular handle doesn't fit a roadster without serious modification, namely:

  • The inner bore is round opposed to oval and far too small in diameter so major surgery needs to be carried out to the handbrake lever itself to even locate it.
  • The grub screws are about 10mm too short even when they are on the limit.
  • The button cover is too big and wobbles when fixed down.

All of these issues have been addressed to show it can be done.

The Brabus forfour's handbrake handle really does give the roadster cabin a more refined, less racy look.

Is it really worth it? To be honest, for the amount of work that goes into making it fit, it's a no, unless you get the handle at a steal.