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With the arrival of the fortwo 451 earlier in the year, it's only a matter of time before we see owners looking for upgrades. This guide will take you through what's needed to fit factory-looking fog lights to the car, but not at the price smart want to charge.

For the upgrade you will need to go to your nearest Mercedes parts counter to buy:

  • A 451 820 67 10 - New Switch Panel (x1)
  • A 001 984 65 29 - Fixing screws (x4)
  • A XXXXXXXXXXXXX - Fog lamp mounts

Now, this is where the money saving bit comes in. The fog lights on the 451 are not actually smart specific; they are standard lights fitted to various Mercedes models with the AMG package.

Some examples of these models are:
A-Class with a W169 chassis
B-Class with a W245 chassis
C-Class with a W204 chassis
S-Class with a W221 chassis
MLs with a W164 chassis

The retail price on these lights from Mercedes is £68.00 + VAT each. However, these lights can be bought from motor factors for as little as £18.35 each for genuine Bosch items.

Bosch: 0305076001
Merc number: 251 820 07 56

Bosch: 0305076002
Merc number: 251 820 08 56

If for any reason you need to buy bulbs for these units they are fitted with H11's or Bosch number BLB711. These are 12v 55w.

First step is to remove the front panel, sadly this has to be done in order for you to reach the clips holding the current blanking plate in place.

Follow this guide to remove the front panel here.

Now with the panel removed you can unclip the blanking plates from the panel.

Take the fog lamp mount attach the fog lamp using the fixings supplied, and this simply mount then clips back into place in the front panel.

When refitting the front panel, remember to connect up the fog light wires.

The wiring should be present on all varients, and is attached to the lower radiator cowling/ducting.

Refit The front panel.

To remove the switches, lever out the blanking switch - it is only held in with 2 small clips.
The wires should be taped up behind the switch panel.
Plug into the switch and press firmly into place.

The fog lamps will need to be activated by TAN code at your local Mercedes dealership.

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