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Whether your changing your brakes, suspension or simply giving your wheels a thorough clean, this simple guide takes you through the process of removing your wheels.

Start by parking on level ground with the handbrake on.


The wheels are secured using 3 bolts. You will need a 15mm socket (as standard) to remove them.


Slacken off the bolts with the car on the ground. You will need over 100Nm of breaking torque to do this.


Now jack the car up using the jacking points.


If you are using a trolley jack, ensure the crown of the jack is perfectly centred on the jacking point.


If you are working for any period of time on the front of the car, use an axle stand as shown.


Remove the bolts from the wheel. Hold the wheel while you do this to avoid it falling off the car.


Now lift away the wheel. If you find that it is gripping the hub, hold it at 12 and 6 o'clock positions and rock the wheel. Then repeat at 9 and 3 o'clock positions. You should gradually get some movement and the wheel will release.

For the front wheels, be careful not to drop the wheel on the brake disc.


When replacing the wheels, tighten wheel bolts to 110Nm.

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