Throughout this guide you will need to use a T25 Torx screwdriver to remove everything.

Pop the front boot open, remove the 2 torx bolts each side securing the headlight cowls.

These are clipped in and need to be pulled from the rear edge in the direction shown (they almost feel like they are going to break when pulling them).

Once removed, unscrew the 5 Torx bolts securing the main light units to the car.

Once these are loose, lift the units and place in the bonnet bin.

Remove the four Torx bolts on the front edge of the panel.

Remove the three securing bolts on each side of the front wings, the back two bolts can be hard to access as they are obscured by the bonnet so a stubby screwdriver will come in handy.

On the front of each wing you will see a small flap, this is part of the wheel arch lining, these need to be unclipped by rolling them back towards the wheel.

Under the front of the car you will see four clips (shown below), these secure the front end to the under tray and will need un-clipping.

Unscrew the radio's ariel mast and remove.

On each side of the car, where the back edge of the arch meets the side skirt there is a Torx bolt (shown below), these both need removing.

Turn the steering wheel to reveal two 'pop' studs on the inside of each arch, these secure the arch lining to the body work.

To remove them you will need to push the centre with a small screwdriver all the way through, then remove the retaining stud. If these are removed carefully they can be re-used. However, if you lose or damage them, they can be ordered from your local smart parts counter under the following part number: SQ000 7370 V000 0000 0.

Open each door to reveal another Torx bolt at the top of each side.

Also one at the bottom.

Carefully pull the wing out, clear of the bonnet hinge in the direction shown.

Look down the back of the arch, you will see the rear of the side indicator.

Twist the back of the socket on each side to remove the bulb holder.

With two people pull the arches out (away from the car) and forwards slightly, unplug the front indicators, disconnect the fog lights (if installed) and front side lights.

Now the front end is clear to be lifted off of the car.