Without the luxury of a fully equipped workshop many people find themselves requiring the use of a trolley jack or similar. However, it may not be clear where the jacking points are especially if this is the first time you have jacked up a fortwo. Jacking up the car in the wrong place can cause serious injury or damage to the car so it is important to use the correct points.

To jack up the rear:

The jacking point is located as follows:

On the underside of the side skirts, you will see an exposed section of tridion.

Locate your trolley jack centrally on this point and elevate the car.

To jack up the front:

The front jacking point is as follows:

There is a similar exposed section of tridion at the front as well:

Again, locate the jack centrally and elevate:

If you have a Brabus, the side skirts do not interfere with the jacking points and you can still fit the jack under the car with the lowered suspension.

Whenever working under the car, always use axle stands.

Front axle stands can be located on the wishbone as follows: