With the arrival of the fortwo 451 in 2007, it's only a matter of time before we see owners looking for upgrades. This guide will take you through what's needed to upgrade your side skirts to that of the new Brabus Xclusive.

First off we're going to let you in to a secret, the Brabus skirts are infact the same skirts as the standard ones fitted to your 451 the only difference is they are smoothed and colour coded.

For the upgrade you have two options, smooth your skirts and get them sprayed.
Or to save the down time you can buy them already coded or in primer. For this option you will need to go to your nearest Mercedes parts counter to buy:
1) A 451 690 13 25 - Paneling, Side molding left (x1)
2) A 451 690 14 25 - Paneling, Side molding right (x1)

Quoting the colour codes:
C50L - River silver
CA7L - Jack Black

If you break any of the clips when removing the skirts the part numbers are listed below.
A 000 991 20 98 - Clip, Side sill both sides (x10)
A 000 990 54 92 - Spreader rivet, mounting, cover 6mm (x8)