There are serveral types of aftermarket splitters (or front spoilers) available. Changing the standard one will transform the front of the car and make it look more complete. The one used for this guide is a Brabus splitter which comes as standard on all fortwo Brabus models. In order to do this, you will need to remove the whole front of the car.

The Brabus splitter comes as unpainted from the factory so you will need to get this done first. In this case, the splitter was coded to the fortwo River Silver panels.

When the front is free from the car, lay it on it's front. Ensure that you do this on an old blanket or something else suitable in order to prevent scratching it.

The current splitter is held in 10 places to the panels. The following shows these locations for one side.

Loosen the TX25 screw from both sides.

Remove the 4 black lugs by pushing the centre shaft out as shown below. This will allow the whole fixing to slide through the hole.

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to push the 4 clips off the panels.

Push the new splitter into place ensuring that all clips locate correctly.

Refit the black lugs and the two screws. Be careful when you offer the front back up to the car so as not to scratch the underside of the splitter on the ground. Fix the front of the car back into place.
Note: The clips on the back of the Brabus splitter clip either side of the under tray.

Stand back and admire the transformed face of your car.