In order to do this, you need to remove the front of the car. Click here for a guide on how to do this.

If you have fog lights, these will need to be removed. Unscrew the two black screws with a Philips.

Do not loosen the large bolt as this is the height adjuster for the light. Instead, unclip the light as shown below. The whole fitting will now come away from the panels.

Rest the front panel set on its face. The quarter panel is secured in the following locations by a mixture of panel clips, screws and lugs.

Remove the lugs by pushing the centre shaft out as shown below. This will allow the whole fixing to slide through the hole.

Remove all 6 panel clips by prising them off with a flat blade screwdriver. It might be worth getting some spare clips incase any get lost. If the front of my car was anything to go by, not all the clips will be there. Ensuring that all clips are in place will reduce the possibility of panel squeak.

Unscrew the splitter from the the panels with a TX25 bit.

Unscrew the top TX25 screw that holds the panels together.

Release the splitter by pushing in the clips as follows. Push the splitter off the offending panel only. You don't need to remove it entirely.

Push the quarter panel away from the centre section at the bottom.

Pull the quarter panel away from the centre section at the top.

The panels come apart as follows:

Remove the panel nut from the old quarter panel and fit on the new one in the same way.

Fit the new panel and ensure that both sections are pushed together firmly. Fit all the clips, lugs and screws. Swap the side repeater from the old panel to the new.

Refit the whole front section to the car.