Click here for a full list of all the lamps on a fortwo.

The lamp holders remove from the car by siding the unit towards the front, then by gently pulling it out.

Once out of the car, unscrew the two sections by a quarter turn.

Pull out the lamp, replace and refit.

Click here for a full list of all the lamps on a fortwo.

All of the lights in the dash are 509T twist fit including the LCD backlight. Start off by slackening the 4x TX10 screws under the steering wheel that secure the dash.

The top and bottom section of the dash will pull apart.

Invert the dash and use the tool (circled)to undo the offending lamp. The lamp numbers and the corresponding function are printed into the plastic.

Test the lamp (if possible) before reassembling. The standard lamps have been replaced by LEDs in the following picture.

Clip the two sections of the dash back together before securing.

Replace all 4 Torx screws.

Click here for a full list of all the lamps on a fortwo.

All the graphics for the fan / heater selector switches are illuminated from 1 509T 1.1W lamp. This is held in the 'safety triangle' on top.

Release the triangle by carefully levering it out from the back. (you can use a small watchmakers screwdriver if it helps).

Lift the triangle out (pivot forward slightly and lift)

Unplug the power/signal cable and the clock cable.

There are 3 T8 Torx screws which hold the 2-button triangle together (4 T8 screws on the 3 and 4 button triangles).

The triangle will now come apart, into 3 parts.

Turn the PCB over and you will see the bulb on the top edge. Use a screwdriver (or 5mm hex bit), to twist the bulb by 90 degrees.

The bulb will be free once the metal connector pins are free from the PCB.

Now replace the bulb accordingly, and reassemble in reverse.

Fed up with the orange look or your indicator lamps? Osram Diadem lamps are a direct replacement for the standard ones and offer a blue dichroic look when off whilst still illuminating orange.

The following show how your fortwo looks as standard and then with Diadems.

The lense cover was removed in the above photo.

Click here for a full list of all the bulbs on a fortwo.

This is probably one of most the easiest bulbs replacements. Start off by gently levering out the switch assembly with a flat blade screwdriver. You may wish to wrap the end in a little PVC tape to prevent scratching the interior.

Unscrew the lamp by a quarter turn, remove from the holder and replace. If you are replacing with an LED, it may not work straight away. If this is the case, reverse the LED by 180°.

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